Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cute Work (greetings card illustration)

Due to the nature of the projects I have worked on more recently, my portfolio is quite male orientated, much of the 'cute' character work I have produced has been for the Greeting card industry. Over the last few years I have produced greetings card illustrations for Remind4U (Male orientated), Fountainhead UK (Female orientated) and Vital Cards (Humor).


This is an example sheet with a variety of traditional media used to achieve different results..

This is a style sheet with character turn-around and details of elements.

Cute collection
Here are a few more cute images including a few sketch book scans and coloured images created in Photoshop for friends and commercial projects.

Cute graphic
I'm fond of creating characters in a more graphic style, here are a variety of examples.

Finally a few humorous style illustrations.