Friday, 27 November 2009

More Covers

Last week was busy but I did manage to get the cover art for the project pretty much all sorted. The deadline wasn't 'till today but I was buzzing after drinking several cups of coffee so got all of them finished before this.

These all have removable elements on separate layers, like the sword belt etc, mainly so the art can be used multiple times.

Comic strips.

Just as I thought the run up to Christmas was getting quiet I get a last minute brief through for some comic work.. keeps me out of mischief!
I had just under a week to create 3 spreads and a single page but had no script, just four highlighted blocks of text taken from a book so the first job was splitting the text into frames.
Here's the first job, roughing out:

I broke it all down into specific key frames, in this case there wasn't a huge amount of action in the scenes I was given.

And final art:

After feedback I had about 1 day per spread. I would like to have added more detail, if time permitted but sometimes the best thing to do on a tight schedule is get the job finished to a consistent standard rather than miss a deadline.