Monday, 16 June 2008

Computer Game Concept art

Here is a collection of Concept art I produced while working for EA Games on Cat woman. This work dates back to 2004 when Cat woman was in production.

Production Design
There were a large number of objects and props I painted in Photoshop that I needed to design for certain levels, many of which did not appear in the movie so it was important to keep my work faithful to the film while remaining mindful of the technical limitations, such as the detail of the objects,
so they were practical for use in the game.

Environment Design
The environments I created in the game differ slightly to the ones which appear in the movie, to allow the game to work, I looked closely at film reference and developed environments which were faithful to the film sets by imitating the style of architecture. Here are some examples of the environments I painted, (using Photoshop.)

Environment and Lighting Design
There were a large number of environments that I painted at the concept stage. Lighting is an important part of the process, it can make or break the atmosphere, here are some examples of my work which are all painted in Photoshop:

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