Monday, 20 September 2010

Work in progress.

I'm experimenting, as usual, with a few styles again. Here are a couple of images I have done recently for two projects I'm working on.
I saw some fantastic concept art recently and this inspired me to have a go at a different style; below, I'm using a variety of brushes, the painting is still in the rough stage as I play around with different textures and marks. Once I've got a technique I'm happy with I'll have a go at working on a more adventurous composition.
The next few images are just typical 'pin up' style girls. Using no reference is helping me develop more accurate poses... also I'll admit I enjoy drawing girls.
I decided to push the cartoony style a bit more than I usually do to get a smoother look.

Will Solvit - some early work.

Here's a collection of Will Solvit artwork, some of it from back when the project was in its infancy. I was given a brief description of Will and from this I sketched the character you see below.
I was very pleased to be offered this job as unbeknown to me at the time some talented artists had also been pitching for the work.
The picture below was the original style of painting I used for the character, it was tonally much simpler. The grid reference is on the floor so that I can position the pose (when I'm sketching) and use it and an aid to help get the perspective correct.
A variety of quick spot arts and another cover pose.
Below is a transition from sketch to the colour-ups. Here I tried a couple of colour / lighting schemes. Whilst painting the last illustration I tried an alternative painting technique, this just helped me get a feel for the best way to work.