Friday, 22 February 2008

Hotwheels official Comic Strip

Below are a few extracts from the Hot Wheels comic strip I produced called 'Chuck Speed' written by Matt Crossick for EGMONT publishing, I created the artwork for a new episode every month in the official magazine which usually involved Chuck, the Hot Wheels test driver, being given a new vehicle to test and featured his arch enemy Diesel Darkclaw's failed attempts to run him off the road for good. I've included samples with and without the text and effects.

© Egmont UK

Robot's in disguise (as transformers!)

A collection of robots I have created in a classic 1980's transformers style for a fantastic company which allows you to personalize your greetings card with the recipients name, check them out! It's a great service that takes the hassle out of finding a card in the shops.
find my cards here

I've used popular euro cars, see if you can recognize what models they are. On the right are some original sketch scans, most of my work is drawn by hand before being scanned for colouring on the mac.

Below are a few examples from another card range I've produced for remind4u, featuring cars, these have not yet been added to their site but I'll keep the blog updated when they are.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Board Sports (children's book)

Here's some recent artwork I've produced, it's another kids book and CD combination for Parragon Books Ltd.
I create the artwork for both the book and the CD-ROM interface. It is a good example of how I have combined producing work for print and screen in one project.
You can choose your skater, dress him how you like and then hit the surf, ramps or the alpine for some board action, you can even custom create your own board. I developed all the costumes, gear and developed the concept of the map / board interfaces, there were also the 9 painted backdrops, lot of work and a 4-5 month deadline!

© Parragon Books Ltd

Dream Cars (children's book)

This is a collection of images from a book and CD-ROM I created last year for the publisher Parragon Books ltd.

The brief was to produce an interactive car modifying CD-ROM and book illustrations, aimed primarily at young lads who have a keen interest in cars. With the interactive CD, budding car designers can add engines, body-kits, stickers, up-rate the sound system and even open doors to show the interior of the vehicle.

I had roughly 4 months to develop all the artwork, a designer at Parragon produced the layout of the book and the text was provided by the author Matt Crossick.
I worked with the team at Red Central, who were responsible for the production of the CD interface, I was also credited with a consultant role for the extra help I was able to offer during production. This is my first book, it was a massive challenge but a fantastic project to work on!

The book can be found here

© Parragon Books Ltd

General Illustration Work

Here are a few examples of my illustration work, I tend to use quite
a loose painting style and enjoy working on all sorts of subjects.

A few urban style illustrations I've produced in the past.

Here are a few 'chibi' stylized cars of mine.