Wednesday, 22 April 2009

It's been a while since my last post as I've been busy with commissions.. Like most of my work I've had to sign confidentiality agreements so I am unfortunately unable to upload a lot of it until it has been published, but I can upload a few samples of other jobs I've been up to these last few weeks.

Clicking on all pictures loads up a larger version!

Finally some concept art! A couple of colour roughs I produced for a publisher needing some illustrations for a project in it's early stages of development. I've included the line sketches, also of the two characters from the selection I created.

This is an accompanying illustration I produced for the same project, I also created a book layout for the client.

This job contains about 30 of these types of illustrations, mostly orientated around teenage heath. The above illustration is for an educational book in a graphic novel / comic format to promote teenage issues. This strip features a teenage boy who has to decide what to do when he is propositioned by a woman - odd scenario really, as a teenager I found my issue was that scenario never happened often enough!!! The speech bubbles will be added later.
Coloured version:

The above collection is from a set of about 16-20 images I created for a client.

These are a couple of artworks from another commission, just b+w, I was asked to give the girl a short 'stylish bob' type hair cut (fig 1) I also wanted to submit something more interesting (fig 2), the client didn't wish to deviate on this occasion but I always say it's worth chucking in a few of your own ideas on the off chance. The boy appears in another publication and they wanted a high level of consistency in their product, hence his pose is mirrored. These are roughs.

Here's another rough for the same project, it's the same girl as the cover pose above, thinking about what to write in a thank you letter. I re-submitted the pose after it was established the biting lip expression was too subtle so I gave her pursed lips and more of a frown, she was also required to slim down a touch and I made a few other slight modifications.

Well, that's it for now. I'll have another update sometime, I've been watching Don Bluth's channel on YouTube and he's such an inspiration that I could listen to him all day. Let's hope May brings some spare time, and fingers crossed a few commissions too!