Friday, 2 October 2009

Painting practice

I've had an opportunity to try out a few different brushes to see if I can get similar effects to how I used to paint traditionally in acrylics with alkyds (makes acrylic workable for longer) and gouache. I remember years ago painting large boards and using sticks to get scratchy lines! In some respects I miss doing a physical piece of art and would love either the money to rent a studio or the space to do large scale painting at home.
So, anyway, here are a couple of paintings and sketches, I'm sure I have others on zip disks knocking about somewhere but I imagine they are more dubious in quality, quite often they are done on one layer and 'scribbled' out in an hour or two with the wacom, generally if I like them I save them.

More kids books


Here's a small selection of artwork from a few books I've been working on recently. (I cant write about the books or the character until they are published at the start of next year) but they revolve around a young boy and time travel.  These books had a turn around of 1 book per week, I also had a few commissions from my agent to do while these were going on.  Despite the rush getting them out I'm quite pleased with the work, the need to work quickly helped improve my figurative work over the course of this project.