Monday, 15 April 2013

New Work

Wow has it really been this long since I last posted!  I've been really busy over the last couple of years and it's only now I'm able to upload a bit of what I've been up to.  

I'm continuing to illustrate educational books and produce artwork for kids annuals and activity books.  I've also been involved with concept art, model making and story-boarding for an advertising agency, helping build one of their sets and assisting during the filming process - more of that another time.

So onto the Art Work!

Manga Style Book Commissions

I was comissioned to illustrated a collection of Childrens books "How to draw Manga ..." with subjects ranging from Dinosaurs to Marshal Arts.  The brief required me to break down the artwork into a step by step process which the reader can follow before creating their own full colour character and hopefully learning to develop their ability through drawing poses. I produced the cover art for the series of books and worked along side another illustrator, we shared the responsibility for the book internals although the brief was directed by me to some extent when apportioning work. 
You can buy the books through Amazon or directly through the Publisher (PowerKids Press) heres a link: Amazon 
Here's a few of the illustrations I produced for the project:

The sketch-work involved in the production of the books (there was reams of this stuff, a lot of the work wasn't submitted as the client changed their mind or the brief took a different direction) here's a small selection of the thirty-odd characters I designed below:

Educational book work

The educational illustration work is still coming in and the variety of subjects is vast so I've just uploaded a few.  For anyone approaching this industry I do believe you stand a better chance of doing this through an art Agent as they will be familiar with the clients and will help recommend you or negotiate the budgets on this type of work - which are still very tight but there is often some room for flexibility on the fees.  

Being a car enthusiast I often try to hide my old car in my illustrations, my old yellow Cortina features on this one, and my current Cortina can be found here; Bermuda Blue Cortina 

I'm still doing a reasonable amount of work for Carribean publications, sometimes the subjects are quite good fun and allow a reasonable amount of creative freedom.

 This was for a client who needed cut-away illustrations of vehicles in a cartoony style so I exaggerated the body and simplified the mechanicals too.